About Food & Fashion Festival

Since 2018, SOUTHEAST FOOD AND FASHION FESTIVAL has been an Entertainment and Lifestyle event that shines a national spotlight on the incomparable food, drinks, fashion and overall way of life of the SouthEasterners.

Convened by Nazmine Events -a subsidiary of Nazmine Group- this festival has come to be an annual meet of the entrepreneurial community that presents networking opportunities, fun fare exploration and More than 4,000 tourists/locals alike converging in Capital city of Enugu to savor, sip and explore an exceptionally and artfully curated experiences never seen before.

Festival Expectations

All talents, creatives and industry elders, who through their skills, knowledge and experiences has inspired, grown, and established a sense of belonging.

Promises a premium style of entertainment with an audience made up of youths, young adults, families etc the energy at the festival will be sensational.

The festival breeds the opportunity for young people in the field of fashion, art and food to be empowered, as they participate and showcase their works.

The Festival will be covered by various media stations and most notably selected cable TV who will frequently air the event exposing your brand to
market eyeballs all year long.

The 2021 SOUTHEAST FOOD AND FASHION FESTIVAL will announce our 3rd year run with a gap year affected by COVID19 in 2020.